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I like to bring the E-book with the title ‘Awakening within, awakening without’ to your attention (the book is free to download here). It is one of the results of the EEC Grundtvig funded project: ‘ Co-Creating a Learning Society: From Improvement to Innovation in adult education’.

The title of the E-book ‘Awakening within, awakening without’ is in line with the theme of the AI world conference ‘Interconnectedness’. Awakening in my opinion is fundamental to be able to create interconnectedness within yourself and with others. The moments of awakening within myself and others during the project brought me energy and the effort to continue, although we have our differences. It created insights instead of complaining and being judgmental about for example, the other person’s behavior, we learned to inquire within ourselves and ask what do I contribute to this situation? Are we able to let previous experiences and perceptions go, to really open up to the other person? I experienced that when I and the team members are able to do so, we could really meet each other which created a deeper connection between us. We learned that to create the interconnectedness we seek means starting to apply it yourself. As Ghandi famously said “Be the Change you Seek”.

My wish for this E-book and the AI worldconference is, that it inspires people to act out of the awareness that the inner and outer awakening are strongly connected; this is nice illustrated in the quote by Marilyn Ferguson:

‘The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, who by changing their inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives’.

Annet van de Wetering
Project Coördinator

The aim of the project is to advance in and spread the use of strength based change and learning approaches in adult education in Europe in order to foster widespread motivation, initiative, participation and empowerment of adult learners. Therefore we collected best practices within adult education during the conference at the beginning of November 2011 with the theme ‘Awakening within, Awakening without’. After the conference those best practices formed the start of the development of this E-book to be able to share those learning’s with others.

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