Keynote Announcement: Leo Bormans

Leo Bormans (B) is the author of the worldwide bestseller “The World Book of Happiness” in which 100 experts of 50 countries share their knowledge on happiness, subjective well-being and quality of life. European Chairman Herman Van Rompuy has sent the book as a special New Year’s gift to all leaders of the world.

Leo Bormans has been working for more than 20 years for the government in Belgium on active citizenship, empowerment, communication, positive education and positive journalism. His initiatives have inspired lots of organizations and policy-makers. Now he has become an international ambassador of positive change and quality of life. The Conference of Appreciative Inquiry in Nepal has been one of the triggers in his life to focus on these topics. He is giving workshops and lectures for small groups and broad audiences all over the world. He also is a board member of the Foundation of her Royal Highness Princess Mathilde in Brussels and has organized different conferences in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany with the contribution of experts in the field of positive psychology, including Lord Richard Layard (UK). In Ghent he unveils some of the secrets of how you get people engaged in change, active citizenship and responsibility: how to put a successful megaphone on the positive message?

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