Some impressions from a senior taking part in the Pre-Conference

As a person born during the war I feel enormously worried. Worried about the big gap between rich and poor, the unacceptable plundering and inequal sharing of our planet earth’s wealth. Worried about the waste of science and technology in service of a happy few. Worried the arms race, the unsustainable way of our economic activities and the hold up of millions of people by the financial institutions. Worried about the alineation produced by mass media and publicity. In short, I’m worried!

Since the sixties and seventies I have tried to involve in ways of overcoming domination and barbarism, slavery and exploitation. A never ending search for ways of fundamental change and real liberation, being involved in the student movement in the sixtees, grassroots movements of the seventies, the peace- and third world movement in the eigthees and the ecological movement of the nineties.

All this movements seems to be a little bit exhausted, are loosing impact confronted with the need to redefine their identity, mission, strategies, methods and forms of organisation.

I am convinced that the vision, inspiration, philosophy, approach and praxis of A.I. is opening a new era for fundamental change. It is opening new ways to recreate social relations, rebuild institutions, transform our economy and can help to find new answers to preserve mankind from destruction. I am impressed and inspired by the coherence of the logical framework showing that not reaction against or thinking in terms of oppressors and liberators, good and bad guys, resistance and opposition is leading to a new social order. What is needed is a fundamental shift in looking to ourselves, to our collegues, to our surrounding.

I am impressed and inspired by what was told about the healing power of positive approach in images, perception, words, emotions, stories, energy, leadership. The fundamental teaching of spiritual traditions and their values are becoming more concrete and incarnated in a new way of looking to- and relating with ourself, our family, our neighboorhood, our world etc… It’s an approach generating confidence, hope, joy, fullfilment, destiny, future for all!

Its a privilige to get this opportunity to see how old dreams and aspirations have found a fundamental new revolutionary non violent dynamic that can generate the rebirth of mankind.

Jac De bruyn

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