Raising Martha / Raising her Mother

Hello, my name is Martha and I am one year old.  I’m not sure if you already heard, but there seems to be quite a bit going on about Appreciative Inquiry. There is a conference about it. My mother is asking people questions about how she can help me becoming a super daughter. Quite a bit of pressure, I must say. She thinks it’s important because the seeds for the future are here today.

Mauricio Puerta, a resident of Peru, told her a story about a lamp. His children were playing with other kids and during that play a lamp broke. They started blaming each other. Mauricio asked them a surprising question: “What does the lamp tell us?” The children didn’t know. Together, they started to investigate the lamp. How does it work? Can we mend it? This is what they learned from the lamp: we can fix things if we find the right angle.

Other people too told my mother it is all about asking the right questions and telling each other stories. Silly questions are as good as any. Be curious.

Koen Vanmechelen, a renowned Belgian artist, told my mother this: “it is all about observing, about finding out in which way your daughter communicates. Invent your own education and let your child find her own secret garden.”

Or what do you think about this? “The goal in life is about being proud and living with passion. Awakening this awareness is the most important thing,” said Griet Bouwen (B).

And Luc Verheijen (B) told her she needs to be forgiving of herself if she fails from time to time.

I’m not sure what this all means, but it sure sounds promising.

Martha (daughter of Annelies Poppe @anneliespoppe)
By Annelies Poppe

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