Such a nice Social Evening

During the day it was raining. With a boat trip on the program in the evening, it could have been a catastrophe. Fortunately, the weather-gods were in Appreciative mood, because the sun started to shine to set the scene for a beautiful evening.

About 250 members from 2012WAIC enjoyed Thursday evening together at Het Groot Vleeshuis. After a nice walk through the Citadelpark and a wonderful boat trip along the historical buildings of Ghent, the group arrived at Het Vleeshuis. During the boat trip the group came at the point where the river The Leie meets the river Schelde. This point is recognizable on one side by a statue of a muscled man in a diving position, and on the other by a beautiful woman also preparing to dive. A beautiful connecting point.

The historical building of Het Vleeshuis is a delightful place to be and it was lovely tasting the regional drinks and food. There followed an evening of  meeting, talking, laughing, enjoying and plenty of dancing! When the live band Sara Ferri started to play their music, it became a real party. Sara Ferri, along with her band, played a mix of pop with a flavour of gipsy, swing and Bossa Nova. We recommend you download her debut album on itunes!

The evening didn’t end at The Vleeshuis. A group of 40 happy people went across the road to a tavern and took over the whole place. With nice singing going on to midnight, it tailed off a great day all together. Beautiful connections all day long.

by Jeannette Schonewille and Loubna Zarrou
Email: @jeannetteSchone @styrax_training

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  1. Jan Somers says:

    Amaaaiii ….. this was a great party !!

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