Inspired by Klaas van Egmond

This morning professor Klaas van Egmond got a standing ovation from the audience after his speech. People were captivated by his story. He gave meaning to these times we live in. “Opening richer values for others… Bridging opposites. That is what AI does.” he said. If that is so, asked Karin van Kersten, what does it mean for us as AI facilicators in our daily AI practice? How do we make AI practices part of creating a better world? How to connect on all levels: micro – meso – macro? Karin invited the audience to have a dialogue with her about these questions. Six people, including Klaas himself, fom India, Belgium, Slovakia and the Netherlands had a one and a half hour dialogue about the question: “What inspired you about Klaas’ contribution?”  Klaas kept supporting by adding more context and information over what he shared in the morning. One conclusion from the dialogue was that the crisis is still very real and serious in the world, but that we are still not really reflecting on “what is really important for the individual, or in organizational life, or for society?” What do you think? Have you made enough space?

 By Jeannette Schonewille

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