To The Essence Through Beauty (by Loubna Zarrou)

There was a special energy at the workshop on autobiographic stories and art. By exchanging stories by means of pictures and artworks, we saw a powerful way of getting to the essence of understanding and connection. This beautiful energy came from the combination of Eric Koenen and Lieve Scheepers… a combination of rich human knowing and storytelling magic.

Eric Koenen has written a book about the use of art in organizational change and has used art in various projects supporting transformation.  In the workshop, participants first got to experience this process. First they chose images that represented a personal desire related to a special project. After placing the picture on chairs, participants then chose a second image, but this time with fear in mind. With two pictures in our hands we partnered up with another participant and exchanged stories about in relation to our work.

Some reactions from the participants: “What a great way to discover communalities”. “This way of sharing stories goes much deeper then other conversations”.

At the end of the workshop Eric showed us the last two minutes of the movie Over Canto about 4 pianists playing with no music sheets, but still somehow connecting with sight and sense. The last two minutes show the moment the pianists stop playing after a last decisive look at each other. In this moment we saw the silent power of art and story in the context of change. This is an amazing power, and something special for us all to work with.

Over Canto is a documentary about the effect of Canto Constinato, a piece of music composed by Simeon Holt in 1923, on The lives of 9 people.

Loubna Zarrou

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