How to… Find Slides via App or Webpage

We get a lot of questions lately on where to find powerpoint slides of the different keynotes, workshops, paper presentations and symposia. We hereby provide you two possible options to find those we have available.

Via the #2012waic app:

  1. Open your app
  2. Go to ‘My Waic’ screen and press ‘refresh’ button in upper right corner
  3. Go back to the main menu
  4. Open the session you would like to see the slides via the ‘program’ menu
  5. In the upper right corner you’ll see the ‘Documents’ button (see also image)
  6. Click on the button to go to the available documents.

Via your Webbrowser:

  1. Open your Webbrowser
  2. Surf to
  3. Find the powerpoint you need to view it
  4. If you like to download it (only in pdf), click the download button

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