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Participant portrait: Jean, Grace and Perla

Sitting at a table, taking a little break, are two participants from the Phillipines, Jean Lapa and Grace Tyler. They are students at SAIDI School of Organization Development. What brings them here? “Well, very simple”, Jean says, “our Dean, Rosa Fuentes, presents a paper here, and we came to support her!’ “And to learn for […]

Participant portrait: Daniel

AI is taught at many different Schools and Universities. Daniel Richardsson from Sweden is a teacher at Mid Sweden University. His AI course runs at the Quality Department at the Faculty of Techical and Sustainable Development. He is also AI consultant and…. an athlete. What brings him here, to #2012WAIC?

Participant portrait: Rafael

Rafael Olemoono is a Masai from Tanzania. And one of the participants of #2012WAIC. What brought him here? “I have been working with Leif Josefsson, for the past few years in Tanzania, where I live. Leif is doing a programme on AI, and he uses ‘nature’ as a metaphor for learning. I am a Masai, […]