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Participant portrait: Jean, Grace and Perla

Sitting at a table, taking a little break, are two participants from the Phillipines, Jean Lapa and Grace Tyler. They are students at SAIDI School of Organization Development. What brings them here? “Well, very simple”, Jean says, “our Dean, Rosa Fuentes, presents a paper here, and we came to support her!’ “And to learn for […]

Storytelling Scales Up Change in Business (by Griet Bouwen)

Since 2003, Brazil has had a yearly conference where business people gather and share stories about how they succeed in creating benefits for society and their business. Ilma Barros, the energizer behind this effort, says the initiative has inspired other organisations to increase their societal awareness. The organisers have also discovered that the companies telling […]

Participant portrait: Rafael

Rafael Olemoono is a Masai from Tanzania. And one of the participants of #2012WAIC. What brought him here? “I have been working with Leif Josefsson, for the past few years in Tanzania, where I live. Leif is doing a programme on AI, and he uses ‘nature’ as a metaphor for learning. I am a Masai, […]

Dreaming more and better…

Martine Vanremoortele gave us an impression of the workshop ‘The generative capacity of dreams’ by Lou Van Beirendonck and Ann Bayart. Participants co-created a list of tips and tricks to enhance the dream phase in AI. Explore these ideas, ready to use for your next summit.

Compassioned Economies? (by Jac de Bruyn)

Some notes from my participation in the workshops 1. How can our economy be both efficient and connected? Lessons from the past, questions for the future (Sara Lewis en Jem Smith) 2. Compassion. Bringing Good to Organisations and the World (Joan Hoxsey) We often take for granted the terms and concepts widely applied in our […]