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Special AI World Conference Magazine is out!

The Conference organising team and the Editorial Staff of the AI Magazine are pround to announce the release of the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference 2012 Special. For all who attended the conference, this beautifull magazine will bring memories and insights back in mind. For those who missed the conference, you’ll find a great overview of […]

Media Crew covers WAIC news

Sixteen voluntary WAIC-journalists gather around the collective aim to make this World Conference become World News. Together with you, this team makes generative news that connects and scales up the best of this event. A constant stream of Appreciative Inquiry news will be available for those gathered at the conference as well as for the […]

When a wild idea becomes a reality!

Once upon a time, two years ago on the high mountains of Kathmandu in Nepal, Luc Verheijen & Luk Dewulf (Kessels & Smit), Erwin De Bruyn (Stebo) and Arno Vansichen (Evenwicht) participated at the previous WAIC. Inspired by the conference, working, talking, living for 4 days in a AI context, anything became possible.