Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company

Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company is a  group of about fifty professionals with a passion for learning and development. From our bases in The Netherlands, Belgium, The UK, South Africa, India, Germany and the USA, we support individuals, organizations and communities around the world in learning and development issues.  In our work, we use insights from positive psychology and strengths based development. Through the past decade, a growing group of professionals in Kessels & Smit has studied and practiced “appreciative inquiry” in projects with client organizations. A lot of that work has been published both in Dutch and English journals and books.
Taking initiative to organise the waic is for us a unique opportunity to bring together worldwide stories and practices, leveraging research and practice of AI. A moment of feeling the collective energy of the global AI community.


‘Evenwicht’ (translated as ‘Balance’) supports people and organizations towards meaning and purpose. Soul and meaning found in life, work and cooperation helps people and organizations to create powerfull results. Diligently, in relation to each other, connected with the whole. That’s what creates sustainable choices, valuable actions. Evenwicht stands for inspiring career coaching, leadership support, mediation, and facilitating change in groups and organizations. We connect our actions with the inspirational power of peacefull reflection, the language of nature and the human creative spirit. Appreciative Inquiry helps us in our work. Growing and changing on the fundaments of strengths and what’s already powerfull, is for Evenwicht a sustainable choice. The WAIC 2012 means for us an inspiring source of inspiration and a celebration of global connection.


Stebo helps to build a democratic society, in which people can contribute according to their abilities. We give priority for all those threatened with social exclusion. Stebo is located in Belgium and 75 employees are spread out over different locations in Limburg.  We recognize the best in people and the world around us. Stebo develops and carries out projects in areas where exclusion may occur: work, housing, business, energy, education and social integration. The WAIC means for us to invest in the study and investigation of practices and insights from which the connecting and creative power of AI appears. That will allow us to find new and much needed solutions for the pressing social, economic and ecological challenges the world is facing today.

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