TNO Management Consultants

TNO Management Consultants (TNO MC) is a consulting firm that contributes to the success of organizations by working from market-specific knowledge, expertise and innovation. TNO MC facilitates changemanagement and the development/improvement of processes and management towards an orientation on quality and sustainable results.

TNO Management Consultants has a strong belief in Appreciative Inquiry, as a fundamental way of thinking and perspective to change. Appreciative Inquiry contributes to an inquiring dialogue which is seen by TNO MC as a powerful element to create sustainable changes. The experience of free choice gives the feeling of ownership and therefore gets the best out of people.

TNO Management Consultants is one of the founders of the European Network of AI and Strength Based Change and of the Dutch AI network. TNO MC also contributes to the co-creation of the Dutch/Belgium AI magazine ( or Because of the belief in AI, TNO Management Consultants wants to contribute to the scaling up of the generative power of Appreciative Inquiry and the preparation of the AI World Conference.

Belien CC

Philippe Belien (BelienCC) is a self employed OD consultant. He works at the level of individuals, teams ànd organizations. Both in profit and social profit. With enthusiasm and commitment. He mixes insights from his former career in physics and business (Philips) with his learnings and passion for OD. He has integrated Appreciative Inquiry principles in his practice since the last decade. He participated in the AI certificate class at Case Western Reserve University on Positive Business and Society Change. He was also involved in organizing the 2009 WAIC in Nepal. Philippe’s style: ‘tough love’.

Case Western Reserve University and Catholic University Leuven (Prof. Dr. René Bouwen)

The organization of the AI-world conference in Belgium is a significant highpoint in the yearlong relationship between  the Organizational Behavior department of Case Western Reserve University and the Organizational Psychology Unit at the University in Leuven. Suresh Srivastva, co-founder of AI was in the seventies the initiator and inspirer of a large number of staff exchanges and collaborations between these two related communities.  An emphasis on  experiential learning and relational constructionist processes in group dynamics and organizational development constituted the common basis for creative research and joint consultancy training projects. Two decades ago now, the visiting professorships of Ron Fry and Dave Cooperrider and a joint conference on ‘mutlivoiced organizing’ in  1997, started and deepened  the learning and knowledge sharing around appreciative inquiry in organizational innovation. An ever expanding network of scholars and practitioners is emerging from this. Multi-actor collaboration, especially in the field of sustainability, is a new core domain of common interest.  Appreciative inquiry has a large potential in  that domain. There is a growing sophistication in social sciences to study the deficiencies of the multi layered societal crisis. But ‘normal science ‘approaches no longer work. AI can help to develop a parallel sophistication in  future directed action strategies. The theme of this conference is therefore very appropriate to scale up also on the societal level our capacities  for multi-actor positive social projects.

Nyenrode Business University

Danielle P. Zandee is Professor of Sustainable Organizational Development at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in Breukelen, the Netherlands.  As one of the Chairs of Nyenrode’s Center for Sustainability, she develops theory and practice to facilitate collaborative processes of change that nurture sustainability in and of organizations.  Danielle studies and applies Appreciative Inquiry since the mid 1990’s when she was a PhD student in the Organizational Behavior department of Case Western Reserve University. In her work, she renews and strengthens the philosophy and craft of Appreciative Inquiry, by exploring its potential through a discursive, artful and relational lens. She embraces Appreciative Inquiry as both a dialogic approach to OD and a generative form of action research. Danielle serves on the Conference Organizing Committee of this 5th World Appreciative Inquiry Conference.

VOV Lerend Netwerk

VOV lerend netwerk is a learning network for professionals involved in learning and development in organisations. We bring professionals together to discuss their practice and learn from each other. We create opportunities for HRD-professionals to co-create new answers for current challenges. We support within our network Appreciative Inquiry as a new and positive way to help develop people and organisations. Supporting WAIC is a unique opportunity to bring this knowlegde, the speakers & practices to our members.On the other hand we’ re very proud to have a VOV group bringing a session at the conference about ‘Passion as an engine for self-management’. is an independent Belgian online book store, specialised in HRM and HRD. They will be present at the conference with a selection of their products in different languages.

Diana Arsenian

Diana Arsenian is an internationally-recognized consultant who uses graphic facilitation to enable strategic thinking, reflection, and change at individual and organizational settings. Her clients consist of leading corporate, non-profit and governmental organizations.  A former art director and senior consultant with The Grove Consultants International, Diana uses images and words to capture information and ideas that emerge from conversations.  This, in turn, helps individuals and participants in meetings and gatherings to truly see and understand their shared ideas, and to effectively collaborate in building off of them. She has worked in the field of Appreciative Inquiry for the past 15 years and applies this philosophy/methodology within her graphic vision coaching practice. Fluency in English and Spanish allows her to work seamlessly across continents and cultures.

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