Special AI World Conference Magazine is out!

The Conference organising team and the Editorial Staff of the AI Magazine are pround to announce the release of the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference 2012 Special. For all who attended the conference, this beautifull magazine will bring memories and insights back in mind. For those who missed the conference, you’ll find a great overview of all the happenings, together with a lot of stories, reports, great pictures and lots of links to explore more.

You can download your own PDF File here

If you want, you can even order it as a real magazine, printed and delivered at home with this link: Peecho

A learner’s view on global Appreciative Inquiry gathering

Russell Kerkhoven attends the 2nd Appreciative Inquiry Learning network in Belgium. Together with 80 other participants, he dives into Appreciative Inquiry in this one year learning program. The learning network is an initative of ‘De Werf’, together with Case Western Reserve University. Russell experienced the World Conference from a learning perspective and wrote a blog about it. The Canadian Axiom News published it on their news website. Check it out here.

The Conference Team thanks you all!

Started as a wild and provocative proposition at the World Appreciative Inquiry  Conference (WAIC) in Nepal (2009), the 2012 WAIC  far exceeded the expectations of ‘De Werf’, the Belgian organizing team. During the latest Appreciative Inquiry (AI) world conference, they felt a growing sense of a worldwide community, formed by hundreds of people, wanting to devote their work to a sustainable future.

Looking back to all the happenings at the WAIC 2012, the organizing team first of all is grateful. Grateful for the high quality contributions of all keynote speakers, workshop hosts and paper presenters. There was lots of new and highly inspirational content. Combined with a high degree of interactivity, every room became a vibrant space of emerging insights and collective creativity.  (more…)

2012waic Flash Shows Available!

Thanks to Chris Bennett and Sue James, two flash shows are now online to view – one has photographs of the conference itself, the other has images of Ghent. So if you’d like to re-experience the wonder of our four days together and the sights of that beautiful city, you can read more about them and see them here.

What’s Emerging from 2012 WAIC? (via @AxiomNews)

We found this call on the website of AxiomNews…

Just before the 2012 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference (WAIC) in Ghent, Belgium, co-organizer Philippe Belien mentioned he believed the gathering would generate “a lot and enough.” During the event, Dr. Ron Fry and Dr. Gervase Bushe delivered a provocative presentation on moving beyond positivity. One of their key points was that Appreciative Inquiry always sets people in motion, generating new, voluntary activity. So what’s emerging as a result of and through the connections made during WAIC? We’d love to hear; please share via TwitterFacebook or e-mail. And we’ll spread the word even further.

About AI Books and Articles (by Joeri Kabalt)

We received this e-mail from Joeri Kabalt, presenter at the conference. She provided us a beautiful list of interesting literature around the different keynotes we couldn’t keep a secret for you.

“Dear Colleagues,

What a great conference! During the conference and especially during and after the keynotes, I have talked with some of you about articles written or mentioned by the keynotes. And promised to send some of them to you. 

So for those of you who are inspired by the conference and interested in doing some extra reading, I have some reading suggestions. I have enclosed several of my favourite articles. Most of them are articles from scientific journals, so it’s ‘academic stuff’…  (more…)

How to… Find Slides via App or Webpage

We get a lot of questions lately on where to find powerpoint slides of the different keynotes, workshops, paper presentations and symposia. We hereby provide you two possible options to find those we have available.

Via the #2012waic app:

  1. Open your app
  2. Go to ‘My Waic’ screen and press ‘refresh’ button in upper right corner
  3. Go back to the main menu
  4. Open the session you would like to see the slides via the ‘program’ menu
  5. In the upper right corner you’ll see the ‘Documents’ button (see also image)
  6. Click on the button to go to the available documents.

Via your Webbrowser:

  1. Open your Webbrowser
  2. Surf to http://www.slideshare.net/2012waic
  3. Find the powerpoint you need to view it
  4. If you like to download it (only in pdf), click the download button