Compassioned Economies? (by Jac de Bruyn)

Some notes from my participation in the workshops
1. How can our economy be both efficient and connected? Lessons from the past, questions for the future (Sara Lewis en Jem Smith)
2. Compassion. Bringing Good to Organisations and the World (Joan Hoxsey)

We often take for granted the terms and concepts widely applied in our daily lifes. We forget that these terms are always interpreted towards specific contexts. (more…)

How to interweave micro practices in daily conversation? (by Cees Hoogendijk)

Highlight in the already enlightening dialogue between Ken Gergen and Danielle Zandee was their little play about how conversations can degenerate, and how to prevent this – or even turn them into a generative alternative. Subsequently, Danielle asked the audience to think about ways to ‘interweave’ or ‘interlock’ the micro practices into day to day conversations, and make them sustainable. (more…)

Leadership in Appreciative Inquiry: Diana Whitney (by Saskia Tjepkema)

‘Every organisation needs a positive revolution’.  With this strong statement – a variation on the great Thomas Jefferson quote – renowned AI consultant and author Diana Whitney opens her keynote. She explains: “In an era where we need co-creativity, Appreciative Inquiry just fits very well. Leaders nowadays worry about questions like: ‘How do I engage our people? And our customers?’, ‘How do I build bridges?’ AI helps with exactly those questions.”  (more…)

Raising Martha / Raising her Mother

Hello, my name is Martha and I am one year old.  I’m not sure if you already heard, but there seems to be quite a bit going on about Appreciative Inquiry. There is a conference about it. My mother is asking people questions about how she can help me becoming a super daughter. Quite a bit of pressure, I must say. She thinks it’s important because the seeds for the future are here today. (more…)

About Cooks and the Broth

What a relief. The VOV learning network really created the right atmosphere. About the subject Talent and Passion the VOV made a beautiful room with cosy lights and live musicians to experience Appreciative Inquiry in passion. Everyone was asked to wear an apron and cook along finding the secret how passion  will work in organisaton practice. (more…)