Loving your Job and the People You Work with (by Saskia Tjepkema)

As the Dutch IT firm Schuberg Philis grew, it started to become more of an “organization.” In his keynote address Thurday, information manager Ilja Heitlager explains: “Without realising it, we created departments and hierarchy, inadvertently alienating our experts from our customer. Our people are very skilled and focused, but they were lost. In times of crisis, however, for instance if a machine broke down, multidisciplinary teams were created, with experts in the front. And the whole energy changed.” (more…)

Convincing Stories in Flanders

In the preconference, David Cooperrider explained vividly the art of asking questions. His statement is that inquiry can change the world and presented very surprisingly two examples of organizations that had the courage to experiment with Appreciative Inquiry: a group of schools in Hasselt (B) and a pharmaceutical company in Geel (B). (more…)

Radar Bleeps

Shoes that bloom. A company based in the netherlands that makes sustainable shoes. What an innovation. and that’s not all. after you you have worn out the shoes, you can plant them and a flower will grow out of your old shoes. 100% bio degradable shoes. (more…)

The Nations United in Hope (by Gladston Xavier)

The opening day of the WAIC ’12 gives me the impression that we are ready to take on several challenges. Just imagine if each of the 600 participants talk about positive ideas and AI to one person every day and that number exponentially grows I think within 20 years we will be able to completely convert the planet. This may be termed as wishful thinking but we dont really have a choice but to be wishful first and practical next. (more…)


It is 15.00, the worldconference AI is getting starting. People from 45 countries from whole over the World came to Ghent – Belgium to experience four wonderful days talking about the theme towarde an ‘economy’of connecting strength: scaling-up the generative power of ai. A warm welkome by two Young boys Seppe(12) and Kemp(10) which asked themselfs the question ‘why are these people coming from whole over the World to Ghent to talk about ‘is the glas half ful or half empty?’

That makes courious who is in room. Do you know what the Belgium word is for great was the question from ArnoVansichen to the audience. All countries were introduced bij the word GEWELDIG. Amazing to be together with so many beautiful people. AMAI! This is the Belgium word for WOW!

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Day 1 in 1 word

We asked participants to write down the first word that popped in their mind thinking about the conference at the end of day 1. This is the result:

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