Presentation Formats

1)       Workshop proposals

A workshop is a highly interactive session of 90 minutes aimed at sharing expertise and best practices, and facilitating dialogue between workshop presenter(s) and participants. Workshops can also focus on the introduction of new tools or theory that can be valuable to AI practitioners and organizational leaders. Important for the workshop proposal is that you describe in what way you want to set up and facilitate action and interaction with and among the participants.


2)       Symposia proposals

Symposia proposals should focus on the conference theme and address a specific subtheme or question. Specific to the symposium is that several presenters or members of a panel join their forces. We are looking for contributions and stories around a common team but from different and complementary perspectvies. Presenters are for example from different organisations or countries. A symposium may take the form of a collection of papers, an interactive discussion, or a panel discussion of 90 minutes. The aim is to provoke new lines of thought and debate that can promote new areas of research and practice. In the submission, one person is indicated as contact to the conference organizing committee.


3)       Research-based papers

Research-based papers report on studies and action research related to the conference theme as indicated above. Research rigor, interest to the international AI scholar community, and contribution to the literature are the primary criteria for evaluation.


4)       Experience-based papers

Experience-based papers could be reports from the field and consulting cases. These are rich descriptions of an event, an issue or an organization with a discussion or lessons learned. We are looking for contemporary experiences that are particularly rich in providing lessons for practitioners and organizational leaders. The aim is to capture current concerns in the field that form the basis for development of consulting practice, class discussion or the starting point for more involved research studies.


5)       Poster showcase


These sessions will involve creating a poster that summarizes a case, methodology or innovation in AI and/or strength based approaches. The poster will be shown in a dedicated area of the conference venue to spark discussion, inquiry and exploration.

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