Program 26/04/2012 Breakout Sessions PM

Present. type Session title Presenters Title
Paper AI summits in business context Piet Vandenbroucke AI as engine to propel change in a factory.
Paper AI summits in business context Aijan Isakova Venture Development Center: Meaningful Transformation through a Short Appreciative Inquiry Summit
Paper AI summits in business context David Hansen Appreciative Problem Solving
Paper Appreciating Esthetics Karen Junqueira
Jannie Pretorius
André Rieu: An educational appreciation
Paper Appreciating Esthetics Andreas Wolf
Marcus Splitt
Dominik Frisch
M.A. cultural][engineering: university education for agents of positive change
Paper Appreciating Esthetics Renalde Huysamen
Freddie Crous
Actioning Authenticity by means of an Appreciative Inquiry
Symposia René Bouwen
Johan Hovelynck
Hilda Martens
Ludo Keunen
Lieve Wens
Towards a generative Process Consultation Approach as ‘Humble Inquiry’, enriched by Appreciative Inquiry principles.
Workshop Self Joan Hoxsey Compassion; Bringing Good to Organizations and the World
Workshop Craftmanship Neena Verma ‘Generative Inquiry’ – Mindful Harmonization of ‘Appreciation’ and ‘Critiquing’
Workshop Craftmanship Luk Dewulf
Thierry Lagrange
A new methodology for the design phase. Combining words and images to co-create new ideas and actions.
Workshop Accross Org’s Ilma Barros
Ron Fry
BAWB – Brazil How contagion of positive stories reshapes the role of business in society
Workshop Self Ada Jo Mann
Diana Whitney
Generative Dialogue for Families
Workshop Across org’s Matthew Moehle
Lindsey Godwin
Exceeding Expectations: Envisioning the Future of Appreciative Inquiry in Education
Workshop Craftmanship Claire Fialkov
David Haddad
Cultivating Strengths and Creating Generative Conversations through Appreciative Inquiry
Workshop Craftmanship Stefaan Devogelaere
Joep C. de Jong
Appreciative Inquiry Craftmanship A powerful method based on AI principles nicely balanced with a pure lifestyle: it takes two to tango