Program 27/04/2012 Breakout Sessions AM

Present. type Session title Presenters Title
Paper Coaching in social services Chereen Brown
Freddie Crous (co-author)
Utilising Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to create a Vision for Ethics in the Profession of Industrial Psychology in South Africa
Paper AI on organizational level Loek Schoenmakers Sustainable Educational Change is Being in Relation
Paper AI on organizational level Mary Emery Connecting communities and schools to make the healthy choice the easy choice
Paper Coaching in social services Samuel Mahaffy Restoring Right Relationship: Re-Connecting Faith Communities through A.I. to Find the Voice of Common Vision
Paper AI on organizational level Ameet Mattoo Appreciative Inquiry – going beyond connectedness, sustaining the energy and making change happen.
Paper Coaching in social services Chandi Prasad Chapagain From Appreciative to Spiritual Inquiry: A Generative Contribution of Appreciative Approach for World Renewal
Symposia Herman Wittockx
Bert Overlaet
Franke Jongsma
Organizing Mirrored in Nature
Workshop Self Jeanie Cockell
Joan McArthur-Blair
Philippe Bailleur
Living through Challenging Times with Appreciative Inquiry
Workshop Accross Org’s Kathy Becker
Jim Pulliam
Judy Godfrey
Susanne Griffin-Ziebart
Romain Dallemand (co-author)
The Macon Miracle: Connecting Strengths, Reinventing Education, Helping Children Flourish
Workshop Self Lieve Scheepers
Eric Koenen
Autobiographic stories and art as strong tools in organizational change based on AI
Workshop Within Org’s Alan Woods
Caryne Vanstone
Jacquie Bown
Fiona Donovan
Emma Dove
Angela Sharp
Crisis:What Crisis?
Workshop Craftmanship Niel Van Meeuwen
Katrien Massa
Steven Van Dingenen
Peer De Mayer
What would an AI ‘chocopot’ do to the conversation around the kitchen table
Workshop Self Andreas Wolf
Gilles Bersier
Pascal Edelmann
The Villages of Sustainability in Action
Workshop Self Steve Onyett The Difficult Fools Workshop- How spiritual beliefs can create fruitful paradoxes for AI.
Workshop Accross Org’s Peter Pula Appreciative Inquiry in Media & Communications: How Can We Co-Create a Life-Giving News Network for a Renewed and Thriving World?
Workshop Craftmanship Wick Van der vaart Giving the spirit back to democracy: How can we co-create an appreciative classroom?