Registration and Fees

Registrations should be received before 20 April 2012. After this date, registrations are accepted on-site in Ghent only.

We closed the online registrations. Registration can only be done on-site in Ghent from now on.

For questions regarding registrations, please contact  Nadja Bodner (


Registration fees

Early rate (Up to 31 January)

Late rate (After 31 January)

1.  Standard fee – valid for participants from industrialized countries

590,00 €

755,00 €

2.  Reduced fee: valid  for participants from developing countries

390,00 €

500,00 €

3.  Students
(valid for full time students only – student proof required)

390,00 €

500,00 €

4.  Pre-conference only on 24 and 25 April ****

400,00 €

450,00 €

5.  Pre-conference on 24 and 25 April in addition to a registration for WAIC (1,2 or 3)

300,00 €

350,00 €

6. Cultural evening on 26 April (incl. food, drinks & entertainment)

60,00 €

Conference registration for the first 3 categories includes:  participation in all sessions from 25 to 28 April (excl. the Pre-Conference sessions on 25 April) / receipt of conference materials / access to the exhibition / welcome reception on 25 April / coffee breaks and lunches on 26-27-28 April / 21% VAT.

Registration for the Pre-conference includes: participation in the pre-conference on 24 and 25 April (1,5 day)/ receipt of pre-conference handouts / coffee breaks and lunches / 21% VAT.

For more information on the special cultural evening on 26 April, please consult this page on the website.


Only payments in Euro (EUR) are accepted. It is possible to pay by credit card (Eurocard/Mastercard or Visa) or by direct bank transfer.
Registrations on-site can be paid by credit card (Eurocard/Mastercard or Visa) or cash in EUR.

Confirmation of registration

 A confirmation of registration will be sent to each participant.

Terms and conditions

Cancellations of confirmed registrations are subject to a charge of 85,00 EUR per participant provided the cancellation is received before 20 February 2012. After this date no refunds will be made. Replacements of confirmed registrations are subject to a charge of 40,00 EUR per participant.

17 Responses to Registration and Fees

  1. geert callewaert says:

    Ik vind het een uitdaging om” AI in het lichaam” meer zichtbaarheid te geven.


  2. Kiran Kandade says:

    Could you send some information on the other associated estimated costs (other than travel to and from Ghent) for those registering? Like hotels, commuting, additional hidden costs etc? Are there any hotels you recommend from the perspective of cost and/or proximity to the conference venue? Also will there be any help offered like airport or train station pickup/dropoffs for delegates? Thanks


    1. Conference Team says:

      Dear Kiran,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I would like to help you with some thoughts on your questions.

      As far as the additional costs concern:
      Hotel accomodation: we made a website with an overview of hotels in the neighbourhood . On this page, you’ll find hotels starting from around 80€/night until 250€/night. We also added Bed & Breakfasts and youth hostels if you like. Most hotels are very near the conference venue as it is situated in the centre of Ghent.
      Travel costs to get to the conference centre are maximum 5€ (using public transport) or more when using private transport such as Taxi, Rental Car…

      We are at this moment not planning for airport or train station pickup. Ghent is very accessible via Brussels International Airport by train. More information you can find on this page

      Hopefully we did help you by this.


      The Conference Team

      1. Kiran Kandade says:

        Thank you so much for your detailed reply. Actually after sending out that message on this web site, I clicked around and found the information on the B&Bs etc. So I have understood those costs. A couple more questions:

        1. Are the B&Bs also situated at similar distances like the hotels? Or are they further away? Does the 5€ (approximately) cost of commuting to the conference centre apply to the B&Bs also?

        2. I am a student in the MPOD (Master’s of Science in Positive Organization Development) program at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I live in Singapore (I think it is not considered as an “underdeveloped” nation). Which fees will I be paying?

        3. I am very confused by all the options regarding pre-conference etc and can’t understand what I should be registering for. What do I stand to gain or lose (in terms of information/ networking/ etc) if I sign up for the pre-conference or don’t? If I can understand these, I can then make an informed decision and your help in this will be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you so much and I am really looking forward to attending the WAIC.



        1. Conference Team says:

          Dear Kiran,

          Sorry for this late response because of the holidays. I try to answer your questions hereby:

          1. The B&B’s are situated on similar distances as the hotels… There’s no much difference to that. That means the transport cost also apllies to B&B’s.

          2. The fee you should be paying is fee nr. 3 for students (390€ if registration before 31st of januar, 500€ after that date).

          3. The pre-conference is a very intense workshop guided by Prof. David Cooperrider and focuses on the question ‘what is AI?’. If you want to hear about the power of AI in business and society and learn key principles, practices, and applications, please join David and participate in this opportunity from the first row. Firstly, David will explore fundamental principles of AI and its theory-base. Secondly, he will share highlights of business results and societal impacts from stories with organizations that have used AI from Coca Cola to Wall-Mart and from the United Nations Global Compact to the Red Cross. Finally, this workshop will help you to discover your own path to incorporate these AI principles and practices in your own personal or professional life.

          Hope this helps…


  3. […] Please be aware that the early bird rate is valid up to  January 31! Registrations are currently very encouraging and exceed our expectations. Already 225 participants from 22 different countries enrolled for this worldwide AI event. To be part of the 5th World Appreciative Inquiry Conference, register online here. […]

  4. […] have until January 31st to register at the early  bird rate.  See you […]

  5. Sureshkumar says:

    Please can you tell me whether it is possible for two people to register under one transaction? Like if an organisation wants to sponsor two people.

    Kind regards


    1. Conference Team says:

      Dear Surresh,

      This is an administrative question. I have forwarded your question to the logistic team. They’ll send you an answer as quick as possible.


      The Conference Team

  6. cindy says:

    1) Why is #4 cheaper than #3? Pre-Conference only, and Pre-Conference plus registrations to WAIC?

    2) is there any limit to Pre-Conference registration? Meaning if full, late registration would not be accepted?


    1. Conference Team says:

      Dear Cindy,

      Thanks for your message on the website. In response to your questions, here are our answers:

      1. The pre-conference + registration to the main conference is cheaper because of the addition of the 2. The fee of pre-conference + conference has to be calculated above the fee for the conference. For example: if you attend pre-conference + conference, you’ll pay 590 + 300 = 890€ (in case of Early Bird Registration). If you’ll only attend the pre-conference, the fee is 400€ (in case of Early Bird Registration).

      2. There is no limit for pre-conference registration. Also late registration will be accepted.


      The Conference Team

  7. Szt says:

    What time does the pre-conf. programme start, on Tuesday, 24th ?
    This would be a useful information for logistics issues.

    Kind regards,

    1. Conference Team says:

      Dear Szt,

      There are no definite hours already, but for travel arrangements take into account that the pre-conference program can start from 12h00 (noon) on…


      Conference Team

      1. Szt says:

        Dear “Conference team”, I’ve just read – on the website – that “the The pre-conference starts tuesday 24th of April at 9h30 until 17h00”. I am a bit confused with this information and your answer … Can you tell me more ?


        1. Conference Team says:


          That’s true.The information I gave you in reply to this comment was not right. I’m sorry for that. The pre-conference does start at 9h00 April 24th. Hope this brings no big problems to your travel schedule.

          Again sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Is it possible to attend only one day (26 april), en what is the fee?

    1. Conference Team says:

      Dear Marc,

      We’re sorry to inform you that there is no possibility for day fees.
      There is however the possibility to only attend the pre-conference on 24th and 25th of April.


      Conference Team

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