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Increasing the generative potential of AI: Ron Fry and Gervase Bushe – 2 –

“AI has the potential to unleash transformational change.” Ron Fry and Gervase Bushe agree upon that. “It has been proven, in practice, but also by research. So the real challenge now is to figure out how to really make that potential come true.” In the second half of their keynote, they explore different things we […]

Going beyond positivity: Ron Fry and Gervase Bushe -1- (by Saskia Tjepkema)

It’s quite a challenge: delivering a keynote speech on Saturday Morning, 8:30, on the final day of an intense conference. Not a problem for Prof. Gervase Bush and Prof. Ron Fry. They picked up some burning questions that were ‘buzzing’ throughout the conference. Starting with the one about ‘positivity’…