Final call – one more week for proposal submission. Grab your last chance!

We invited researchers, practitioners, organisational leaders & students to submit proposals for the 5th World AI Conference. The aim is to build a highly interactive conference, in which there is ample space to share & deepen best stories around the theme of this worldwide event: “Towards an ‘economy’ of connecting strengths: scaling-up the generative power of AI”.

Today we are pleased and proud to announce that there are a large number of proposals submitted. Not only there are over 120 proposals, they are also almost equally divided between the four subthemes we outlined in our call. This result is really exciting and shows the global interest to exchange, learn & create together. Thank you all for your enthusiasm: we highly appreciate it.

At the same time the last couple of hours, from different parts of the world, we received requests of people who are very eager still to submit their proposal. In this we see the possibilities to use the richness of our worldwide community at its full potential. Therefore we decided to extend the period for submission with exactly one week: until 21 November. After this date the online abstract submission will be closed.

The conference organising committee

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