Scaling-up the generative power of AI! (Blog by Annet van de Wetering)

Working as a member of the organizing committee towards the AI Worldconference in april 2012, I was touched in a positive way feeling that several developments seem to come together the last couple of weeks. I like to share these developments and bring them to your attention, as they are for me examples of scaling-up the generative power of AI.

A meeting of the Begeistring Network (the European Network around Appreciative Inquiry and Strength Based Change) took place in the beginning of November in Manchester. Twice a year, this network has a meeting. This time 30 practitioners from all over Europe met and shared their AI experiences within the inspiring theme ‘Awakening within, awakening without’. The network meeting was connected with the Grundtvig conference (32 participants). The Grundtvig project is initiated by 8 members of the European network with the purpose to share, develop and spread the use of appreciative, strength based change and learning approaches within Europa & is funded by the European Commission.

During the last few days there is an online dialogue going on to see how the original network of AI learners in the US – AI Consulting – could be connected more with the Begeistring Network. It would be great to end up with a worldwide Appreciative Inquiry community on a global basis, where the European network Begeistring is part of, as are the US, Asian, African and every other continents and countries AI networks. Let’s go for it and scale up the generative power of AI! The AI Worldconference in april 2012 is a great meetingplace to make this happen. Are you also coming….?

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