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Mid-november I made my proposal to do a workshop during the fifth WAIC in Ghent. The topic I chose to work on is “Healing Dark Emotions through Appreciative Living”. I’m working on this topic for several years now and saw this as an ideal opportunity to show that AI is more then looking at the sunny side of life (and avoiding dark emotions).

Some days ago I received the following answer on my submission by mail: “The program committee selects your proposal conditionally. The question or request we have is: We believe in the generative capacity of unexpected combinations. This proposal is accepted under the condition that you share the workshop slot with Mrs Jeanie Cockell from Canada, who has submitted a similar proposal. Can you please let us know by return mail if you wish to re-submit your proposal, taking into account our question or request?”

I first felt some disappointment … but the words “generative capacity” triggered me in a positive sense. I asked for the proposal (“Being Authentically ALIVE: Living Appreciative Inquiry Through Challenging Times”) from Jeanie and really felt an immediate connection. Then I started googling her name. The web is a great tool to connect … in a second I saw and heard Jeanie at work via a short movie on her website. I send her a mail in which I invited her to connect and co-create.

Some minutes later, I received a warm mail from Jeanie. She wanted to go for this “generative capacity” too. This Wednesday we planned a Skype-session to develop our shared proposal. It feels pretty exciting to do this with somebody I don’t know yet, who lives in Canada, but it’s a very nice opportunity to connect and deepen the way we link AI with Life Challenges. I’m looking forward to co-create and co-facilitate an inspiring workshop with her. More to come after this Wednesday …

Great idea to link us in this phase … a new journey is starting for me.
Philippe Bailleur

P.S: Also interested in writing your story about the conference? Please do so and send it to nvanmeeuwen@kessels-smit.com

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  1. Kelly Saretsky says:

    Philippe..what a great story! I was with Jeanie when she, too, got this email. She was with us in Qatar (from Canada!) facilitating an Appreciative Inquiry training session. Her response was like yours…she thought the “generative capacity” was a huge gift! You will find Jeanie to be warm (as you have described), energetic, and so knowledgeable about AI. I am jealous of what you will learn from each other! I think this generative capacity is the way to go!! I look forward to attending your session. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Philippe,
    Thanks for sharing our story about the generative possibilities of working together. Joan McArthur-Blair and I so enjoyed our SKYPE call with you and re-designing our co-proposal. We are so looking forward to meeting you in person and co-creating/co-facilitating with you.

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for your wonderful comments. It was so great co-facilitating with you and Rolene. Good to know you’ll attend our session in Ghent!

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