Keynote Announcement: Anastasia Bukashe and Ilma Barros

From different parts of the planet, but linked by the thread of positive conversation amongst multi sector/level stakeholders for the good of the whole: we’re so proud to announce an amazing joint keynote by dr. Anastasia Bukashe and dr. Ilma Barros. They will highlight extra-ordinary cases of AI inspired large scale processes in regional development & nation building, both in South-Africa and Brasil.

Dr. Anastasia Bukashe
Dr. Anastasia Bukashe (nee White) currently serves as the Executive Director of The Wilgespruit Fellowship located in Roodepoort, South Africa. She has been active in the Appreciative Inquiry community since the early 1990’s. She is also a graduate (2004) of Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management OB programme, where Prof. David Cooperrider was her Supervisor.
Anastasia is a true scholar-practitioner who is passionate about participating in the birth of a new global order. With this as her inspiration she works primarily in the field of transformation and specialises in peacebuilding. Having travelled extensively and published a number of articles and book chapters, Anastasia is increasingly being drawn into global movements.
She currently serves as the Liaison Officer (SADC Region) for the United Religions Initiative, and interfaith global movement. She is also an active advisor to the Association of Lay-Training Centres in Africa (ACLCA), an African initiative focused on growing lay-leadership for transformation. She has recently been invited to serve on the Interim Board of Citizens in Partnership with Government (CPG) a South African based initiative intent on transformation of the country. To all of this Anastasia brings to bear her experience and expertise in Appreciative Inquiry.
As a member of NTL and co-founder of the Centre for Excellence (an initiative to bring the AI track of NTL to Africa) Anastasia continues to fuse practice and scholarship. She is a skilled facilitator, trainer and speaker who has been blessed with many opportunities to participate in growing the AI community globally.

Dr. Ilma Barros
Dr. Ilma Barros is a Distinguished Fellow at Fowler Center for Sustainable Value, at the Weatherhead School of Management. She has worked on some of the largest strategic planning summits in business and social change over the last 12 years. She is an ELIAS Fellow (Emerging Leaders for Innovation across Systems) and a member of the Presencing Institute. Most recently, Ilma facilitated the Global Forum Latin America, an encounter that gathered 1200 people to think about sustainability in a systematic manner, including business leaders, academic researchers, the government, and the civil society.
As part of her activities in Brazil, Ilma coordinated five B.A.W.B. (Business as an Agent of World Benefit) conferences and today she is a member of the research team at the Fowler Center for Sustainable Value. She was responsible for the methodology and content used at the Future 10 Parana Forum, a platform of proposals for the strategic planning of Paraná State, and the document created and officially turned in to President Lula, the Governor of Parana State, and all the cities mayors in the state of Paraná.
Ilma worked as a senior consultant for the Federation of Industries of the State of Parana and, in that role she led the strategic planning for the Federation and industrial segments. She also delivered, for four consecutive years, the Appreciative Inquiry Certificate Program in Brazil in partnership with Case Western Reserve University.
Ilma earned her Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Case Western Reserve University and was an Assistant Professor of Business at the State University of New York and L´Moyne College.

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