Technical Problems in an Appreciative World

Today we learned that even in an appreciative world you still have problems. The e-mail address is currently not available. This is a problem for everyone who had to send in the final title, abstract and short biography for his/her workshop or symposia. You will have received an error notification in trying this today. We are currently working on this problem and are planning to have the address up and running again by thursday 12h00 (Ghent Time, GMT +1). This means that you still have time untill sunday night 24h00 (Ghent Time, GMT +1) to re-send your information.

Under the motto ‘a problem never comes alone’ we also face a second problem. All presenters received an e-mail today with a link to registrate their personal contact information in an online application. A few hours ago, we received a notification from the host website that they encountered some technical problems (in an appreciative world). Apparently they are having an issue with the domain, and all forms on this domain have stopped working. They suggest a workaround, and existing forms are now on an alternative domain. Unfortunately this happened right in the middle of collecting the social data for WAIC. We already collected some information before the break-down. If you tried to fill in your contact information during the breakdown, you’ll have seen that it is impossible. We’ll send a new link tomorrow morning (thursday) to all presenters to make it possible to fill in the new form.

Our apologies for the (double) inconvenience.


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