A week from now it will be happening…

A week from now it will be happening.

No one knows what.

But one thing’s for sure: it will be happening.

All over the world people are preparing themselves.

I read the list of participants.

I write my contribution to the community site.

I prepare a poster and a workshop.

I pack my bags.

My boss asks me if I am looking forward to the conference.

The only thing I can answer is: yes, offcourse.

Because I know it will be happening.

I don’t know what precisely.

But one thing is for sure:

It will be happening.

Words that pop up in my mind when I try to define “it”:

Beautiful, energy, meeting, people, fun, pictures, stories, … even close encounters of the third kind.

Because one thing we do know: we don’t know what will be happening this week.

But it will.

That’s for sure.

Koen Joly

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