Media Crew covers WAIC news

Sixteen voluntary WAIC-journalists gather around the collective aim to make this World Conference become World News. Together with you, this team makes generative news that connects and scales up the best of this event. A constant stream of Appreciative Inquiry news will be available for those gathered at the conference as well as for the outside world.

With these news efforts, the team will reach out to people from all over the world who can’t be in Ghent. Every morning, The M-crew will deliver a WAIC Morning News Paper, highlighting the events of the day before and looking forward to what’s coming up.
Instead of wanting to cover the news from an ‘objective’ journalist perspective, they choose to work in a generative way. The team not only ‘cover’ the news, they explicitly search for a generative perspective. A central question in the M-crew’s work is “what could be the promise in what we hear, see, learn? How can we bring this promise to the world in a way that inspires and activates other people?”

The coming together of this Media Crew is a generative experiment. It is the first time these people work together as a team, searching for a way of bringing the appreciative inquiry perspective into news coverage. Another part of the experiment is the aim of co-creating the news together with participants. Niel Van Meeuwen, co-initiator and publisher at the M-crew desk says: “We live in a connected world. If I think about all the social media resources participants bring into this conference, I feel quite exited. It sure is possible to reach thousands of people in the outside world in the coming days.”

  • Find the M-crew at the Media Desk, on the first floor.
  • Follow the news on or on your app.
  • Co-create the news by posting your comments on the website, or post an article, blog, picture or video on our pages on facebook.
  • Spread the news in your networks. Tweets with #2012waic are published at our website.

Griet Bouwen – twitter @GrietBouwen – mail and
Niel Van Meeuwen – twitter @nielvanmeeuwen – mail

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