What about this Conference 2.0?

This conference is all about connecting. Connecting strengths, connecting people, connecting ideas, connecting communities, connecting yourself… From the start of this conference, this connecting has not only taken place offline – or In ‘real life’ so to say – but also online. And not only by people who are actually in Ghent today, but also other AI practitioners who couldn’t make it to the conference. They also feel and are connected. Many participants have connected online via the website, the app or through social media (#2012waic is a familiar twitter hashtag for some of you already, and one others will become much more accustomed to.)

So, what about the website, the app and social media? How to build our conference 2.0?

The website www.2012waic.org has guided us already through the preparation of the conference. Starting from informing about the conference theme, setting the call for proposals, informing about keynote speakers, registration of participants for conference and hotel accommodation… up to the final program. The website has informed us all the way to the conference. From today on, we will kind of re-build the website. From now, the website will become our platform to spread the ‘vibe’ and ‘message’ of the conference. The website is our instrument to enhance connection with the AI-community and curious others all over the world. By sharing stories and good practices, we hope to inspire lots of people to support appreciative change. So, keep an eye on the website and share the stories it contains and will be containing in the coming weeks.

What keynote is coming next? Where is the room for my workshop? Who is that presenter, I liked her! Where can I take notes? What about the social program? The app gives you an answer to all your questions. It provides you detailed presenter and session details, you can organise your own program, take notes, share them with others. You can even follow the buzz on twitter and facebook, read the website blog and contact any presenter you like. Also, find more information about the partners of this conference, the city of Ghent, or the ICC. Soon this app might be your number one buddy during the conference!

Social Media
There will be a lot of buzz about the conference. Tweets with #2012waic will be presented and beamed in the ICC. Reflections can be shared to be built on further on. Facebook updates will tell the story of the 2012waic. So join in and tweet/facebook/LinkedIn along!

See you on twitter! @2012waic

Niel Van Meeuwen
@nielvanmeeuwen – nvanmeeuwen@kessels-smit.be

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