It’s all about Magic (by Sue James)

There is something magical that happens when the global Appreciative Inquiry community gathers together. And this fifth world conference is no exception.

What is this ‘magic’? Perhaps it’s something to do with the very nature of those who are attracted to attend. Or, as one delegate said yesterday, where else would we find ourselves in the company of 600 ‘other positive people’?

Perhaps it’s because we are gathered here from over 40 countries, so there’s a wonderful sense of interconnection. We are a truly global community; far more unites us than divides us.

Perhaps it’s because all the people here are passionate about making a difference in the world – and working tirelessly to do just that.

Perhaps it’s because their stories of challenge and triumph,of struggle and success, are so humbling and awe-inspiring.

Perhaps it’s the incredible generosity of spirit that is always present.

And perhaps it’s all of the above.
Because, when our global AI community gathers together, *anything* seems possible.

Sue James

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