The Nations United in Hope (by Gladston Xavier)

The opening day of the WAIC ’12 gives me the impression that we are ready to take on several challenges. Just imagine if each of the 600 participants talk about positive ideas and AI to one person every day and that number exponentially grows I think within 20 years we will be able to completely convert the planet. This may be termed as wishful thinking but we dont really have a choice but to be wishful first and practical next. This is a good beginning to think about transformation of structures that we are disappointed with. We got to believe that we have a chance and think that all is not lost. These were the first impressions that I got from the opening session. With the examples that David Cooperrider gave it will be hard to say that people do not have ways to change things. In my own context that is filled with issues of discrimination, poverty, vulnerability and what not, how does this make sense is the skeptic question that arises. Well then the answer comes back as a thud: Do we have the language of Transformation? if we dont we need to invent it. And for that AI comes handy and helps up to IMAGINE how my country would be without those. I think that, this is the beginning of a long journey that will alter perceptions, beliefs and systems.

Ashok Gladston Xavier
Assistant Professor in Social Work
Assistant Director, Department of Outreach

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