Appreciating People Launches Book at WAIC 2012 (by Suzanne Quinney)

Food for Thought, a journal for appreciating daily life, will be launched at the Appreciative Inquiry World Conference in Ghent April 25. Appreciating People (AP) co-director Tim Slack, who wrote Food for Thought, says the organisation is delighted to launch the new book.

“We know from experience the impact appreciative journalling can have on someone’s life, and as we had never seen the right product we decided to create it ourselves. We hope it gives other people as much enjoyment and support in developing their resilience and wellbeing as it has us.”

Food for Thought introduces the practice of appreciative journalling – based on the idea of noticing, and recording, the good things in your day. Food for Thought encourages people to develop an appreciative attitude to life, prompting and inspiring them to notice the good things.

This is a facet of an approach called positive psychology, which is becoming increasingly widespread, and has been adopted by the NHS, hostels for the homeless, the US army, amongst others, to support personal wellbeing. Food for Thought is full of tips, tools and techniques – and inspiring quotes – to use at home and at work, helping you focus on life’s positives, rather than its pitfalls. You’ll learn to develop your appreciative self, flourish and support your wellbeing.

by Suzanne Quinney

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