It is Happening… (by Koen Joly)

For a week now it is happening.
I can’t find the words to describe what.
But one thing’s for sure: it is happening.
People from all over the world came to the ICC in Ghent.
They met the other participants.
They contributed  to the community site.
They attended keynotes, poster sessions and workshops.
They pack their bags to return home.
My boss will ask me how it went.
The only thing I will be able to answer is: very good, of course.
Because things happened and will be happening in the future.
I don’t know what precisely.
But one thing is for sure: Beautiful things.

Words that pop up in my mind when I try to define these things:Beautiful, energy, meeting, people, fun, pictures, stories, connecting… even close encounters of the third kind.
Because one thing we all do know: we don’t have the words to describe what happened here.
But it was wonderful. And it will be in the future.
That’s for sure.

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One Response to It is Happening… (by Koen Joly)

  1. Karen Schultz says:

    there is no word that describes the level of richness in sharing personal stories with people from all over the world in a conference of instant trust….sharing the best of what is in eachother’s lives affects every sense and every cell within us as we engage ….giving eachother permission to be excited about our best times in life…when we felt strong, felt personal success, felt we made a difference. What is so magical about AI? Ai engages our senses, …seeing a true self, hearing a voice of sincerity and strength, feeling every word of their experience, being there with them in the moment fully engaged in listening, getting a taste of what it is that brings people alive….every cell…our spirituality, our mind and our hearts are touched by an AI experience. It is magic some people say. We are moved by a shared image we cocreate with others and are so moved and committed by it…the drive, power and level of motivation is strong…and why not? We have been fed, nurtured and felt completely through our story, with many many people from around the globe. How can you not come to understand self and others? The experience gives us everything one hopes for….to be seen, to be heard, to be felt and understood. It feeds us. It nurtures us. It feeds our confidence when another feels moved or amazed by our story….no politics make a difference. No religion makes a difference. WE value the person holitically and we come to realize how imporant each of are to eachother….across the miles of the globe. Amai!

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