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Special AI World Conference Magazine is out!

The Conference organising team and the Editorial Staff of the AI Magazine are pround to announce the release of the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference 2012 Special. For all who attended the conference, this beautifull magazine will bring memories and insights back in mind. For those who missed the conference, you’ll find a great overview of […]

Playing for Change: connecting the world through music

The final story shared of the conference, was delivered by Francois Viguie of Playing for Change. A decade ago, filmmaker Mark Johnson and his team set out to create a documentary about ‘music from the streets’. A firm believer in the connecting and unifying power of music, he filmed singers and musicians from different countries, […]

Participant portrait: Daniel

AI is taught at many different Schools and Universities. Daniel Richardsson from Sweden is a teacher at Mid Sweden University. His AI course runs at the Quality Department at the Faculty of Techical and Sustainable Development. He is also AI consultant and…. an athlete. What brings him here, to #2012WAIC?

Leo Bormans on how to scale up positive change (by Saskia Tjepkema)

Leo Bormans is a ‘man on a mission’. Full of humor and energy, he delivers a keynote on Saturday afternoon on how to put a megaphone on the positive message. How do we engage more and more people in generative conversations and change? How do we get the attention of politicians, business leaders, media… How […]

Increasing the generative potential of AI: Ron Fry and Gervase Bushe – 2 –

“AI has the potential to unleash transformational change.” Ron Fry and Gervase Bushe agree upon that. “It has been proven, in practice, but also by research. So the real challenge now is to figure out how to really make that potential come true.” In the second half of their keynote, they explore different things we […]

Going beyond positivity: Ron Fry and Gervase Bushe -1- (by Saskia Tjepkema)

It’s quite a challenge: delivering a keynote speech on Saturday Morning, 8:30, on the final day of an intense conference. Not a problem for Prof. Gervase Bush and Prof. Ron Fry. They picked up some burning questions that were ‘buzzing’ throughout the conference. Starting with the one about ‘positivity’…


It is 15.00, the worldconference AI is getting starting. People from 45 countries from whole over the World came to Ghent – Belgium to experience four wonderful days talking about the theme towarde an ‘economy’of connecting strength: scaling-up the generative power of ai. A warm welkome by two Young boys Seppe(12) and Kemp(10) which asked […]