Conference Themes and Questions

We invite participants to share and demonstrate practices that can be related to one or more of these sub-themes and questions:

  • Connecting across organisations and communities Since we believe that the collective global challenges we face today ask for a multi-party and whole scale approach, our question is: what are examples of life giving cross-boundary connections? Stories can be for example: connections between business and society, cross-cultural connections, cross-faith connections.

  • Connecting within organisations and communities This is the domain where the AI approach emerged originally. We want to share and explore stories of connecting voices and taking AI to scale within an organisation and/or community

  • Connecting self to others, from inner to outer The topic of generative connections goes beyond the question of scale. In fact it draws us back to the very personal questions of how an individual is connected to, shaped by and shaping the whole at the same time. What are examples of connections between a local/personal and a global perspective? How can we connect personal with collective hope, ambition and challenges? What are examples of how people work in their own vision of the good? Stories can include examples of career counseling, appreciative coaching, appreciative living.

  • Appreciative Inquiry as craftmanship How do we generate conversations that lead a collective to a new vision of itself? In this third subtheme we are interested in several ‘how’ questionslinked to the conference theme of generative connections. Examples of questions are:
    • How much of a shared language do we need?
    • How can we create a new language in every encounter?
    • How can we connect different communities of understanding?
    • How can we truly be facilitators of generative connections?

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