The organization of this 5th World Appreciative Inquiry Conference is rooted in Belgium and at the same time connected with European AI networks and AI professionals worldwide.

Conference Inspirers
David Cooperrider – USA – Professor at Case Western Reserve University
Ron Fry – USA – Professor at Case Western Reserve University

To organize both broad connectedness and swift decision making at the same time, we designed an organization structure consisting of the following groups:

Host: Local Organizing Committee (Belgium):
Three Belgian organizations form a partnership that is called ‘De Werf’ (in English: yard). They are all active in personal, organizational and community development: Stebo vzw, Kessels & Smit, and Evenwicht. More.

Program: Conference Organizing Committee
This group is responsible and mandated for putting the conference program together. We worked towards a group of people who take a leading role in several European AI networks, and with a link to the origin of AI at Case Western Reserve University. More.

International Advisory Board
The International Advisory Board is a group of people from AI communities worldwide. They advise the Conference Organizing Committee at regular point during the design and preparation phase. More.

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