International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board is a group of people from AI communities worldwide. They advise the Conference Organizing Committee at regular point during the design and preparation phase.

Currently members of the Board are:

Kees Ahaus (Netherlands), Tony Asberg (Sweden), Anastasia Bukashe (South-Africa), Gervase Bushe (Canada), Joep de Jong (Netherlands), Mario Gastaldi (Italy), Carsten Hornstup (Denmark), Sue James (Australia), Jim Ludema (US), Ada Jo Mann (US), Anne Radford (United Kingdom), Daniel Richardsson (Sweden), Robyn StrattonBerkessel (US), Kay Um (South Korea), Lou Van Beirendonck (Belgium), Neena Verma (India), Ralph Weickel (US), Diana Whitney (US), Herman Wittockx (Belgium), Jacqueline Wong (Singapore), Naya Zhexembayeva (Slovenia), RC Lamichhane (Nepal).

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