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Three Belgian organizations form a partnership that is called ‘De Werf’ (in English: yard). They are allĀ  active in personal, organizational and community development: Stebo vzw, Kessels & Smit, and Evenwicht.

They have worked together already for several years and in different projects. One of these projects was a learning network on Appreciative Inquiry and strengths based development and leadership. One hundred participants out of more than fifty organizations worked and learned for two years together, each establishing projects in their own organizations (being business, social profit, education, government). This project was in a close collaboration with Case Western Reserve University. Professor Ron Fry provided the AI Certificate Training as one of the cornerstones of the learning network. The learning network has been funded by the European Social Fund and was in 2010 awarded as ambassador for its outstanding results and innovative character.

At the 4th World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Kathmandu the people behind De Werf started with their dream to organize the next conference in Belgium in 2012. For this they will take the financial responsibility.

While hoping for a positive financial balance after the conference, the main aim is of course to cover theĀ  costs related to the organization of it. Any profits after the coverage of the costs will be invested in new learning network activities and research in the field of Appreciative Inquiry.

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