Poster sessions

The following posters are just part of the posters presented at the WAIC conference.
You can download all of the submitted posters here.

AI in the world of horses

Vicky Daniels |When business meets nature|

An ideal atmosphere for generative connection. Change happens when people truly come together. When they collectively gain new insights and create….
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Creative and Inspiring Leadership

Miriam Subirana |YesOuiSi|

This poster is the essence of two workshops: one on Creative and Inspiring Leadership and the other on powerful relationships: the five creative acts for improving organizational capacity to create powerful relationships…..
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Building Great Marriages With Appreciative Inquiry

Paul A. Lee, PhD |Marriage Family Therapist|

Marriage is a system responding to systrematic principles. Appreciative Inquiy is a powerful, positive model for improving systems.
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AI in the Community Action for Health Programme in Kyrgyzstan

Tobias Schueth |Swiss Red Cross|

The poster describes process and results of using AI for the strategic planning with over 1000 community organisations (Village Health Committees), leading to a national summit, and of using AI for work with staff.
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Ilse Vanderstukken |XIOS Hogeschool Limburg|

The principles of AI are excellent to support an international HR-student environment. It is a common language which facilitates connection and cooperation. Students learn faster and are getting into their personal flow.
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